European Roulette

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European Roulette was first invented in 18th century France. It has become one of the classic casino games now played all over the world and has never stopped gaining popularity. Players have found this game intriguing for many reasons, the excitement, the mystery, the feel and the large chance that players have to win big prizes with every spin of the wheel. This game has attracted hundreds of thousands of players all across the world and many of those players have had luck on their side. This game will certainly go down as being one of the most popular in the casino history books for some time to come.

Even though there may be many different versions of this game spread all across the globe now, the roots of this popular game lie in Europe, and it is very easy to see how many players would say that the Europeans know how to play this game better than any others.

Of course, European Roulette has many great qualities, but one of its best qualities is that it offers better rules for its players compared to the American version of the game. Players find this game more appealing in terms of the rules, even when the rules are not exactly played according to the traditional French way, simply because it only has the single 0 within the wheel.

Getting Down to the Basics of European Roulette

The European Roulette game is actually played with a wheel that has only 37 pockets, compared to the 38 that are used in the American version of the game. The numbers of the pockets go from 1 to 36 and there is also one that is numbered 0. With each spin of the wheel, the ball will be placed by the dealer on the outer edge of the wheel, which will allow the ball to go and travel the edge before it lands into a pocket. Of course, the number on the pocket that the ball lands in is the winning one.

For players who choose to play this game, they will soon realise that the game is simply about predicting which number the ball will land on. Of course, players will be given many different options to choose from in terms of betting. In this game, they don’t have to predict the exact number, because they are able to place their bets on many different numbers within the game, and if lady luck is on the side of the player, the ball will go to one of the numbers chosen. Players are able to make as many bets as they want to during each of the spins of the wheel, making the game even more exciting.

Most players will find that there are two common types of wagers in European Roulette. The inside types of bets are the ones that are located on just one or possibly a few different numbers and they will be able to be seen on the inner part of the table.

There are also the outside bets and these bets are known for covering a bigger amount of the wheel (they will, however, pay out lower odds), and these are able to be seen on the outer edge of the table.